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Between me and Samantha we write, paint, draw, and color




Race Reference - Ka by EthnisArt
Race Reference - Ka
The Ka were the second race of Sazashi engineered by the Verin, and as such are one of the most raw forms of expression of the sazakraht-Verin hybridization. They were designed with industry in mind, and as such are tireless workers undaunted by momentous tasks.

At their finest Ka work hard, long hours performing duties their allies cannot. In combat, they tear down defenses with ease - sundering armor and bone alike. At their worst they are manifestation of Sazakraht fury and power, destroying themselves mentally and physically in order to eviscerate whatever and whoever is in their path. They are destructive forces of nature, reveling in bloodshed and decay.

Drawn by Sam, colored by me :3
Online content providers are fascinating beasts, we are. It's kind of amazing that any creature can show a pulse only once every few months and still be considered alive, huh? It's like something from the best and worst horror movies.

That concludes the mandatory 'yes I'm still alive' segment. I write these as much for posterity as for confession, something to go back through later and either remember fondly or cringe sympathetically with.

Where's everything at?

I have a new portfolio website for my programming and art. It's still pretty modest, but I like it. You can check it out here.

I'm still writing on my book, now more than ever. It's actually looking... pretty damn good. I'm really happy with it. Plot's been reworked into something more epic yet easy to follow, characters have been merged and removed, and a couple new ones have been added. I've got a sample up, in case you're interesting in reading it; you can find it here.

I'm also slowly working on a fun little video game with Tyler, it's a world generation game in the vein of Terraria and Starbound, though will ultimately focus on character improvement and story rather than crafting and terraformation. There's a few little snapshots of it on my programming portfolio, so if you want to check them out, or see how I did them, you can check out the Tile Generation and Graphics entries and tell me what you think.

There it was: my effort for the day. I have no excuse to not be more active on here, there's actually quite a backlog of finished sketches to show off, at the very least!

Bienvenidos! If y'all are reading this, say heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey.
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I'm many things, as we all are. I claim to be a writer, a pixel pusher, a programmer and a painter. I design systems and I enjoy doing so, from the layout of a program to a pan-galactic culture such as the country of Aempis from my book, Ethnis. Yes, I am published; I am currently working on rewriting and editing my book, gaining a fresh start on my series before moving onto my second novel and beyond. I welcome criticism, so long as it is constructive, and am sometimes too shy to share my own opinion unless I feel it is sought or warranted. If I am watching you, I'll here commend you on your art. If you are watching me I extend my thanks to you, feel free to say hello and chat.

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